Dear friend,

The Comitel Staff want to thank you for taking part in the Italian Workshop. The 13th and 14th editions, besides being characterized by “the fury of the elements”, were a great satisfaction for us due to the intervention of many American and Canadian operators. More than 265 operators attended the events in Atlanta and Toronto!

As proved by the several emails we received, the event was successful thanks to the high quality level of the Italian companies that attended the workshop and the great interest that these markets have for our nation. I’m sure the event allowed everyone to strengthen the existing partnerships and develop new useful ones.

We’ll keep you posted about the upcoming event of the Italian Workshop by Comitel & Partners:

Vienna, 28th November 2008, for Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland

See you in Vienna!

Here below some of the feedback we received from American and Canadian operators:

We enjoyed the event very much! We learned a great deal. Thank you for inviting us and we look forward to the next edition. Italy is a large destination for us in Atlanta. This helps us to sell it better. (AAA Travel)

I would like to thank you for all your efforts in bringing so many suppliers to our community. I also liked your format for vendors and agents to speak with each other. I have learned yet another piece of information by this type of presentation then I can be better at selling multiple trips and return trips to Italy. (North Point Travel)

Thank you for the opportunity to meet Italian suppliers. I am happy and already in the process of booking a group with one of the suppliers that I met there. (Exclusive Tours)

I enjoyed myself at the workshop which I found very informative. (Belair Travel)


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